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This is how we work.

Sage Media follows a tried, tested and continuously improving workflow for all of our design and development projects. While we make a concerted effort to simplify the process for our clients, quite a bit happens behind the scenes.

The Broad Strokes

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. For most, that includes managing our projects in an efficient and thoughtful manner - leaving our clients to the business of managing the day to day operations of their growing companies.

A Note on Discovery: Every project, regardless of its type or size, begins with a discovery phase. These foundation-laying steps are imperative to the development of a meaningful design that works for your audience. In this phase, we have our clients fill in a customized planning questionnaire, before engaging in contextual brand research to familiarize ourselves with the client's company, competitors, and customers/users. The knowledge gained in this phase informs everything that follows.


Sage Media Design Process


Web design may not be rocket science, but it's not child's play either. For today's companies, the website has become one of the most important facets for communication with their client base, partners and investors. In the case of e-commerce businesses, the website IS the company's storefront.

Graphic design is an important PART of web design, but an effective website requires more than (just) engaging visuals. Accordingly, our process for web design and development is slightly more complex:

 Web Design Process and Web Development Process

The Nitty Gritty

One client in a hundred actually does want a short novel outlining each of the steps in our design process. If that's you, let us know and we'll happily send the details your way.