Sage Media Illustration Portfolio
A Brief Selection of Our Work

Illustration Portfolio
SkinnyGirl Cocktails Illustration
SkinnyGirl Cocktails
Character Badge Illustration
Vector Gradient Mesh Product Illustration
The Abuela Company
Gradient Mesh Vector/Icon Illustration
Aevex Technology Illustration
Aevex Intelligent Heat
Product Technology Illustration, Vector
iPhone Illustration
Sustainability Events
Photorealistic Vector Illustration
Digital Illustration
Energy Integration Tech
Technology Illustration
Product Illustration
Nature's Envy Apple Chips
Photorealistic Product Illustration
Vector Layout Illustration
Telepresence World
Digital Layout Illustration
Bidan Product Illustration
Bidan Co Bidanit
Photorealistic Product Illustration
Display Illustrations
Vector Display Illustration
Vector Gradient Mesh Product Illustration
Nature's Envy Apple Cakes
Large Format Display Illustration
Realistic Product Illustration
SIDD Fine Woodworking
Photorealistic 3D Product Illustration
Badge Illustration
Bambu Rum
Ad Illustration
Rose Illustration
Applied Plant Science
Vector Flower + Vegetable Illustrations
Wave Illustration
Advanced Nutrients
'N' Wave Illustration
Character Illustrations
Vector Character Illustrations
Children's Character Illustration
HOK Entertainment
Cartoon Character Illustrations